Our university as well as research, industrial and production centers should stand by each other.
“We should first compare ourselves with the advanced world and not with our past. The government should be at the disposal of the scientists, of those who dedicate their life and offer their  scientific talent to support the national advancement of science and technology.”

Hassan Rouhani

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Prof. Hubert Vaudry

Session: 21th
Category:  Fundamental  Research
Country:  France
Date of Birth:  1946
Field: Chemistry
Scientific Affiliation:  Institut  National  de  la  Santé  et  de  la  Recherche  Médicale (INSERM),  France
Prof. Hubert  Vaudry  has  obtained  his  Ph. D.   at  the  University  of  Rouen,  France,  in  1974.     He  has  performed