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2018 زیوی -غلامرضا فراهانی A New Secure Passwordless Multi-Server Modified Authenticated Master-Key Agreement Scheme Based on Hardware-Software and Iriscode Identifiers Through SSL/TLS Protocol for E-learning and Similar Web-based Services Journal of Computer Science
2018 دکتر غلامرضا فراهانی IMPROVEMENT of MULTIPLE ROUTING BASED on FUZZY CLUSTERING and PSO ALGORITHM IN WSNS TO REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications (IJCNC)
2018 شجاع الدینی مربی کیوانپور A New Method for Detecting P300 Signals by Using Deep Learning: Hyperparameter Tuning in High‑Dimensional Space by Minimizing Nonconvex Error Function Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
2018 دکتر غلامرضا فراهانی ENERGY CONSUMPTION REDUCTION IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK BASED ON CLUSTERING International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications
2018 دانایی درکه محمدخانی Applying an ANFIS-based Algorithm in Comparison with Mechanistic Modelling in a Biofilter Treating Hexane Journal of Green Engineering
2018 درکه محمدخانی عزمی CRWSNP: cooperative range-free wireless sensor network positioning algorithm Wireless Networks
2018 درکه محمدخانی عزمی DCRL-WSN: A distributed cooperative and range-free localization algorithm for WSNs AEU-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS
2018 Nafisi, shahabi Detection of Intradialytic Hypotension Episodes based on PPG Signal using Different Feature Selection and Classification Methods Computer methods and programs in biomedicine
2018 دکتر وحیدرضا نفیسی سرکار خانم شهابی Intradialytic Hypotension Episodes based on PPG Signal using Different Feature Selection and Classification Methods   Computer methods and programs in biomedicine
2018 شهابي، نفيسي تخمين بدون کاف فشارخون مبتني بر ويژگي هاي زماني سيگنال نبض پردازش علائم هوشمند
2018 دکتر وحیدرضا نفیسی دکتر منوچهر اقبال The optimized blood volume monitoring during hemodialysis process based on ultrasonic speed measurement Journal of Biomedical Physics and Engineering
2018 دکتر سید وهاب شجاع الدینی مهندس گلدار A New Model Based Signal Processing Scheme for Detecting Delay and Doppler in Bistatic Radars Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers
2018 دکتر سارا قدس دکتر سید وهاب شجاع‌الدینی مقصودی تعیین مرزهاي بهینه براي نواحی طبقه بندي آلفا- انتروپی داده پلاریمتري فشرده دو دایروي با استفاده از مفهوم حداکثر مشابهت علوم و فنون نقشه‌برداري
2018 شجاع‌الدینی گلدار سوری Correntropy Based Sperm Detection: A Novel Spatiotemporal Processing for Analyzing Videos of Human Semen Health and Technology
2018 ایرانیان پور حقیقی شجاع الدینی A New Method for Segmentation of Lesions in Dermoscopy Images: Energy Optimization Based on the Radial Directions فصلنامه مهندسی پزشکی زیستی
2017 S.V.Shojaedini, R. Kasbgar, A. Kermani, A new method for defect detection in lumber images: optimizing the energy model by an irregular parametric genetic approach, International Wood Products,
2017 S.V.Shojaedini, R.Kasbgar A New Method for Analyzing Defects in Veneer Images: Hypothesis Testing Based on Gaussian Mixture Decision Function Bulletin of Transilvania University of Brasov
2017 S.V.Shojaedini, M.Rahiminejad, R.Kasbgar, A New Method for Geolocating of Radiation Sources Based on Evolutionary Computation of TDOA Equations , Journal of Electronic and Computer Engineering Innovation
2017 Armin Amadzadeh, Omid Hajihassani, Saeid Gorgin A high-performance and energy-efficient exhaustive key search approach via GPU on DES-like cryptosystems The Journal of Supercomputing
2017 دکتر نفيسي طراحي و ساخت دستگاهي براي تحليل سيگنال نبض منطبق با طب سنتي ايراني طب سنتي ايران و اسلام
2017 Gholamreza Farahani Autocorrelation-based Noise Subtraction Method with Smoothing, Overestimation, Energy and Cepstral Mean and Variance Normalization for Noisy Speech Recognition, EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing
2017 Gholamreza Farahani Dynamic and Robust Method for Detection and Locating Vehicles in the Video Images Sequences with use of Image Processing Algorithm EURASIP Journal on Image and video Processing
2017 S.V.Shojaedini, S. Ghods Y. Magsoodi Determining Optimized Borders for Alpha-Entropy Classification Regions for Dual Compact Polarimetric Data by Using Maximum Likelihood Concept Journal of Geomatics Science and Technology
2016 اميراحسان لشکري محمد فيروزمند فاطمه پاک Full Intelligent Cancer Classification of Thermal Breast Images to Assist Physician in Clinical Diagnostic Applications Journal of Medical Signals & Sensors (JMSS)
2016 S. Ghods, S.V.Shojaedini, Y. Magsoodi, A Modified H-α Classification Method for DCP Compact Polarimetric Mode by Reconstructing QUAD H and α Parameters from Dual Ones IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 2016.
2016 S. Ghods, S.V.Shojaedini, Y. Magsoodi, Reconstruction of full polarimetric by Using Double-Circular Compact Polarimetric Data for RadarSat-2 , Journal of Geomatics Science and Technology, 2016.
2016 S.V.Shojaedini, A. Parsiannejad, A New Strategy for Harvesting Maximum Energy in Wind Farms Based on Stochastic Modeling, Journal of Computational and Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering (JCARME), 2016.
2016 E.Pishbin M. Eghbal S.Farokhi A.Kazemzadeh M.Navidbakhsh The effect of Moment of Inertia on The liquids in Centrifugal Microfluidics مربوط به نشريه Micromechanics
2016 Saeid Gorgin, Ghassem Jaberipur Sign-Magnitude Encoding for Efficient VLSI Realization of Decimal Multiplication IEEE Trans. VLSI
2015 اميراحسان لشکري محمد فيروزمند فاطمه پاک Breast thermal images classification using optimal feature selectors and classifiers The Journal of Engineering ( JOE)
2015 اميراحسان لشکري محمد فيروزمند Early Breast Cancer Detection inThermogram Images using AdaBoostClassifier and Fuzzy C-meansClustering Algorithms Middle East Journal of Cancer (MEJC)
2014 غني فر، نفيسي Optimal UV spectroscopy wavelength selection for the toxin rejection ratio estimation during hemodialysis using Neural Network and GA-PLS

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