A key focus in the Electrical and IT institute of Engineering is R&D leading to innovative Technologies. In maximizing this goal, the institute pursues the following objectives:
  • To identify novel and prioritized technologies, and continue further development ¬†and upgrade work after determine their industrial applications,
  • To create direct links with the industrial sector in order to alleviate their existent problems and promote novel solutions and technologies which can benefit the industries,
  • To execute applied research projects in order to obtain the technical knowhow and initiate successive pilot programs and under royalty offering the knowhow to private sectors,
  • To train and hire skilled manpower in order to advance the scientific outlook of the institute
  • To develop and upgrade lab facilities and technological sites with the aim of transforming them into specialized national reference laboratories, for industries need
  • To support and provide scientific advice to researchers, inventors, innovators, and new technology-based companies in the form of evaluating and certifying their ideas and products (i.e., type approval, patent registration, development centers and festivals).